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When you join us inside CONSTRUCTION EDUCATION TODAY you get instant access to:

  • Construction Education Today Online Program - Includes over 50 training videos that covers topics in job start up, utilities and substructure, superstructure, interior systems, MEP systems and 5 bonus management courses. These learning modules are aimed to provide a solid foundation for newer up & coming construction professionals, and are on demand, so they can be completed at their own pace and as each individual may need. Most learning modules will have supporting check lists or resources, that can be used as a practical tool when managing that portion of the work.

  • Construction Education Today Workbook - Contains fill in the blank notes and exercises that enable you to start applying the knowledge from that module.

  • Construction Education Today Monthly Members Only Call - Come hang out with other professionals in the construction community to discuss “Lessons Learned”, and hear from others who experienced a situation on the job, that ended up costing the project time and/or money, and how to potentially avoid that on your jobs.


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