Hi, I'm John


I was another product of the worlds version of life succession. After High school, go to college, pick a career that you think you can tolerate for 35 or 40 years, and live for the weekends until you can retire and have time freedom.

But it doesn't have to be that way. You can have a career that you don't just tolerate for 35-40 years. What if you have a career that you can thrive in. 

I graduated from Colorado State University with a B.S in Construction Management and entered the industry immediately after that. I have been in commercial construction for 20 years along the front range.  I started running my own jobs 2 years before my peers that I graduated with and was promoted through the ranks to General Superintendent by the time I had turned 35. All because I had a solid foundation of the construction building systems from formal education and a strong mentor to teach me on the job. 

Construction has been a long standing vibrant industry and will continue to have strong demand for professionals. Even recently, entering into the beginning of 2020 when Covid became a worldwide pandemic, the construction industry, along with many others, was threatening to be shut down. But, do to the strong necessity of construction, it was one of the selected industries to be deemed essential and continued to move forward with some new challenges. At that point I realized what a great choice it was to build a career in commercial construction and help others have a future in this industry.

Through Construction Education Today we help develop up and coming building construction professionals reach their potential sooner, by giving them a solid foundation of the different systems they can encounter in their careers. People are a company's greatest asset and the only thing worse than training them
and they leave, is not training them and they stay. “For knowledge is better than Silver or Gold”.

Here's How Construction Education Today Can Help You!

With Construction Education Today, small and mid size companies that don’t have the resources to create and implement a training curriculum for their people, have an avenue to better their greatest asset. We help develop up and coming building construction professionals, reaching their potential sooner, by giving them a solid foundation of the different systems they can encounter in their careersClick here to learn more.